11th Birthday Wishes For Boy/Girl

11th Birthday Wishes

Browse through our wonderful collection of 11th birthday wishes. Check out our adorable happy birthday messages and cards. Find the perfect way to send an 11-year-old birthday boy or girl the best birthday message. Finally 11, big day today huh? It has grown so much. From a little crybaby, small enough to fit in one arm, it is now in the last year of elementary school. In its last year of childhood, just before puberty strikes, the only thing certain is that change is near, its body will change, its school environment will change, most likely its attitude will change, and having gone through that phase, and most likely as have you, it is obvious that its scared. For most people change is scary, not knowing what to expect is scary, growing up is scary. But it gets much easier if you have someone to guide you through the chaos. And in this case, it’s you! As someone, most likely older than him/her, having gone through that phase, giving it a new perspective on the matter, or even maybe a few kind words of wisdom and inspiration, will help out a lot in the rough days to come. So why wait? Start from today, with an exceptional wish to start off its year on the right foot. Check out 11th Birthday Wishes Below.


Unique Birthday Wishes & Cards For 11 Years Old

In numerology, the number 11 is considered a master number. Only fitting for the master of 11-year-olds! Happy birthday!


The number 11, the number of rebellion, and you, the rebellious 11 year old. Such a fitting pair don’t you think? So, I say you should honor the deal. No matter what your parents say, keep being rebellious, keep doubting everything, because of that, is the path to true knowledge. Never become one with the mass, that, my dear, is my truest of wishes. Happy birthday.


At the eleventh hour of elementary school, it’s your last attempt to become the best person you can possibly be, so you can embrace the tough times that lay ahead. Thus, my wish to you is to never stop improving yourself, never give up on your dreams, because they are right in front of you, all you have to do is that little extra step to reach them. It may take a year, a decade, a lifetime, but never give up. Happy birthday!


My dear child, now that you turn 11, you are one step closer to becoming a person that has done great things, hope you become as famous as Apollo 11! Happy birthday my lovely future moon explorer!


As you begin to explore the world, many answers will arise that you will not be able to answer straight out, but, knowing how amazing of a child you are, I am certain that with enough patience and courage, all you want to know about life will be answered to an extent, so never stop learning, never stop wondering, never stop asking questions, never stop having fun, because that, is what makes life interesting. Happy birthday!


Having gone through what you are going right now, I know you are striving to become independent, and that is a good thing, we all want to be standing on our own two feet, but, don’t hurry to grow up so much, enjoy your childhood a bit more, because these, are the moments you are going to miss as a teenager, and even more as an adult, the days of absolute freedom, so enjoy them while you still can! Happy birthday!


On your last year as a pre-teenager, engaging into new adventures as puberty strikes, I want you to remember that no matter how rough things may seem, there is always a bright side, these years will be as tough as they are lovely, because change is coming, and I promise you it’s for the better. Happy birthday!





At this age, you probably know already what is “cool” and what is not, not that you need any help, you see the coolest person on earth just by looking at the mirror, so, my wish for you is to never stop being this cool, and to only become more awesome than you already are. Happy birthday!


If this day was an object, it would be a door, leading you from elementary school to junior high. To new adventures, meeting new people, new teachers, new school, but hopefully, one thing stays the same. And that is your amazing character. Happy birthday!


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