Happy 6th Birthday To Boy/Girl

6th Birthday Wishes

Browse through our amazing collection of unique 6th birthday wishes. Check out our adorable happy birthday messages and birthday cards. Find the perfect way to send a 6-year-old birthday boy or girl an unforgettable birthday message. Is it this time of the year huh? That little devil turns 6 years old soon! That child is now at the doorstep of elementary school, where it will meet its first, long lasting friends, with some even lasting the full 12 years of its experience at school, or who knows, maybe even more. It’s a year that holds many surprises for the child, as it has yet to face what it means to have homework, alongside many other challenges a child of that age might face at school. It will learn to become more independent, as it will now be away from your loving arms daily, in a place with strangers, that is- soon to become- friends, but it takes courage to get there, and that courage can be perfectly built up with an exceptional wish at its birthday party, to get it into a good mood, make it feel like it can conquer the world, because that’s what it should be doing, and it’s your job to make it realize that. Check out 6th Birthday Wishes below.


Best Birthday Wishes For 6 Years Old

This year is special! As it is your first step towards a new great life at school! I hope you meet plenty of friends, have a cool teacher, and make great memories, but mostly, I wish you a happy birthday!


At this breaking point in your life, I hope all works out for you, that all your wishes come true, and that when you spread your wings, there will be nobody to bring you down. Happy birthday little guy/girl.


From the bottom of my heart, I wish to you, that for each and every one of the 6 candles on your birthday cake, a wish comes true.


Parties! Presents! Cake! You deserve it all my love because this day is dedicated to you, the best 6-year-old in town! I hope you have a happy birthday, and all of your wishes in the future come true.

As the number 6 symbolizes completion, you, my beloved child, complete my life, and for that, I thank you from the bottom of my heart, and I wish you the greatest birthday of them all!


Six years ago, you made me the youngest dad on the planet, and today, you make me the happiest. Happy birthday my love.


I know you can never have too many birthday candles, but in our case, today we will have 6 because it is your 6th birthday and we need to celebrate!


I sincerely hope that when you grow up you fulfill your dreams with a passion, and never stop being who you are, because that is what makes you special. Happy birthday, darling!

If there was a trophy to give to the world’s greatest six-year-old, it would definitely go to you, no questions asked, because you kind sir/madam, are the greatest six-year-old of them all. Happy birthday!


Hurry up and light the candles! Because my beloved nephew just turned 6 years old! I hope your school years are ones you will always remember for the rest of your life. Have fun, make friends, and rejoice. Happy birthday!


Is this even him/her? Is this even the little baby I saw in the hospital 6 years ago? Crying, unable to do anything on its own? Damn, you’ve grown so much, you are independent now, you don’t even need anybody’s help. You never cease to amaze me, and I truly hope you keep doing that, for as long as you live. Don’t stop being amazing. Happy birthday!


One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six! Six candles, please!  Because we have a celebration today! The 6-year-old of the year is celebrating its birthday, and it will be a party to be remembered because it deserves it! Happy birthday!

Wake up! Don’t be sleeping on this great day! You don’t want to miss out a single second. You know why? Because it’s your birthday! And right now as we speak, your birthday party is being prepared. Everyone is going to be there. And I truly hope you like your presents. Happy birthday, kiddo!


On this exact day, 6 years ago, you made us grandparents, for the first time in our lives. But today, you made us the happiest grandparents in the world. Because our beloved grandchild turned 6 years old! I hope you remain happy as you are now for the rest of your life. And don’t let anybody bring you down. Use your wings and fly. Because you belong at the top of the sky, happy and free. Happy birthday!

Most 6 years old usually won’t stop being annoying, but you rock, because you are special. Happy birthday, kiddo!


You make each and every one of my days especially amazing little sister/brother. Even though you never let me sleep, I still love you from the bottom of my heart. Happy birthday, kiddo!


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