18 Birthday Ideas To Make Special Day Unforgettable

There are unlimited ways or surprise birthday ideas of celebrating birthdays in an amazing way which may bring lots of lovely smiles and brightness on the faces of all who are enjoying the birthday parties. There are also theme birthday parties and Birthday images arranged as per interests, need and demand of customers. The birthday parties’ organizers are there who are highly talented and who very well organize the birthday party in an unforgettable special day with lots of fun activities, special moments, surprise games, puppet shows; magic shows which really adds to the beauty of magical birthday bringing special smiles on everyone’s faces.

Following are different ideas through which an unforgettable memorable birthday can be celebrated:


  • The hanging photo gallery is the most beautiful way of combining all the loving memories together in most beautiful way. Black and white photos print outs can be taken straight from printer and can be attached to the bottom of the balloon strings.
  • The number shaped envelope surprises can be posted on the wall written in the shape of age of birthday person is turning to be and all these envelopes can be filled with the special notes from parents, family members, friends, near and dear ones. This would also look beautiful and would be a kind of amazing lovely wishes.
  • If some person likes to keep their age secret then another idea would be posting of equally sized envelopes in the rows and can be numbered and daily different envelopes can be opened each day with lovely surprises or beautiful notes or happy birthday greeting messages can be written and put inside the envelopes.
  • The plastic eggs can be used for sending lovely birthday wishes to the birthday boy or girl, and these plastic egg shells can be filled with special notes or with small and attractive toy.
  • Water Balloon fight surprise starts with the basket full of balloons and left at the door and some idea must be written on the basket regarding the balloon fight such as hit me with the best shot. The other person may hide himself in the yard and prepare himself ready for the awesome and amazing balloon fight; therefore it is equally important that both partners must have balloon filled baskets.
  • An unplanned road trip can be also one of the amazing ideas of celebrating the birthday full of fun and joy. An unknown surprise brings more and more excitements with amazing surprises and wonders.
  • Multiple small gifts can be given instead of one big gift, that the birthday person opens it every hour. This would also be a unique way of giving Happy Birthday Wishes to the birthday person.
  • A fun DIY slide can be the best surprise for both kids and adults and no one is too old at least for slides. It would definitely be a fun filled surprise by laying the cardboard over the stairs, creating a huge slide.
  • Car surprise, fill the car with the bunch of birthday decors.
  • For throwing a surprise birthday party for friend, wrapped door surprise would be the best and it can be done by wrapping the front door with the wrapping papers and it will surprise all right from the starting i.e. front door and would be curious  to know what is behind it.

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Happy Birthday Quotes with Images

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