Funny Birthday Wishes for your Wife

Happy Birthday Wife

Your wife is a special someone in your life, your sweetheart. One of the best times to let her know how much you care for her is her birthday. No matter the type of tangible gift you give her, crafting some special words to celebrate her birthday will be the very best gift she can get from you. More importantly, integrating a sense of humor to your birthday wishes for your wife will make the wishes even extra special.

Create funny birthday wishes for wife on her birthday to paste some beautiful and indelible smiles on her face all day long. She will cherish it more than the best possible gift and more than a plain, boring text. The good news is, you don’t need to crack your brain in order to put some real funny birthday messages together. You can take advantage of our collections to create heart-felt funny wishes for your wife on her birthday.

Top Funny Birthday Wishes

  • Happy birthday sweetheart, I don’t have to ask how old you are today. I have always known the answer from the beginning. It’s +1.
  • Dear sweetheart, I wish you long life and prosperity. But of course, the long life is only on one condition, that you do not use any anti-aging cream…the only way to live long is to age. And, I’m happy you’re doing it gracefully.
  • Happy birthday, my dear wife. I pray you should start counting your blessings from now on, nothing but your blessings, and not your wrinkles.
  • Sweetheart, today, we’re not blowing off the candles on your cake. Instead, we’re going to fan the flame, so that the fire of love in our marriage will be kindled more and more. Happy birthday, my very sweet baby.
  • My love, each year, you’re a year younger for me, not a year older. You should always remember this. Happy birthday, my luv.
  • Do you know what special gift I have for you on this special day? I will place 30 hot kisses on your lips to celebrate your 30th birthday. But, the problem is, your lips may end up burning up before I plant the 30th kiss. Happy birthday, honey.

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  • I planned a special get-away with you on this special day. But, that doesn’t mean we are getting away forever. I still want us to come back to our home where we have sweet memories.
  • Sweetie, may you live as old as Methuselah… If you say amen, it means you may end up not having any tooth eventually. How about that? Happy birthday, my sweet love.
  • My beautiful wife, going out to the cinema today is a waste of time. You are the best movie I want to keep watching all day long. So, let’s stay in-doors, just the two of us, to celebrate your birthday.
  • I have just one special wish on this special day, that nothing but death will separate us…If possible, not even death should part us because I still want to marry you when we die.

    • Please, don’t be the one to ask for a birthday gift today. Let me be the one to ask from you instead – can you wear a skimpy and sexy cloth for me…just for me? I already know your answer – a BIG YES!
    • You’re my heart, my wife, my lover, my pet…Don’t get that wrong, you’re not my dog pet, my real and special pet. Happy birthday, love.

  • Happy birthday to my beautiful and grey-haired wife! Sweetheart, I’m not mocking you. Grey-hair is a crown of glory! So, your grey-hair is adding a crown to your glory.
  • My sweetie, there’s no better way to celebrate your birthday but to make sweet love to you all night long.
  • Happy birthday day my love. I want to make a wish on your behalf; that you will not nag about my smelling feet from this day onwards.
  • Honey, don’t even think of blowing off candles today. At 40, we will definitely need a trailer-load of candles and a lorry-size cake that can take all those candles. Happy 40th birthday to my dearest wife.
  • My love, as you’re getting older, you tend to be looking more graceful. If growing older is what it takes to get you looking more graceful, then I pray that you get older everyday…happy birthday.
  • Dear wife, don’t be worried about wrinkles as you grow older. I have the antidote for wrinkles, it is called ‘paste a smile on your face always’. Smile is the best facial makeover and the most effective anti-aging cream.

  • With 30 candles to blow off on your birthday cake honey, we had better get 30 fire-extinguishers for 30 people who can do the job. Happy birthday, my one and only.
  • My love, you know I love you so much, that includes even if all your teeth are gone by reason of old age. At least, you have me to eat your own portion of meat. Happy birthday.
  • My dear wife, you’ve been there for me through thick and thin. And, as a result, I don’t mind dying for you. But, don’t ask for a physical proof of that…I’m not ready to die yet. Happy birthday, my loving wife.

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  • Sweetheart, you will forever be my wife – in life and in death. But, that’s if there’s marriage after death. Happy birthday, honey.
  • Happy birthday my sweet love. I don’t want you to get all worked up about wrinkles as you age. I will still love you more, wrinkles or no pimples. Remember, the marriage pledge was for better or for worse, and that includes wrinkles and pimplesJ
  • I was thinking of a very suitable birthday gift for you. Since you love candies more than real food, I decided to order a trailer load of it as my special birthday gift to you. Happy birthday, my sweet candy wife.
  • Happy birthday, dear wife. You are my wife for life, and my wife in death…So, do you mind dying with me when my time to die comes? Hmmm, I guess you’re shaking your head negatively.


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