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Romantic Love Quotes For Him

Find the best & Romantic Love Quotes & messages for that someone special. Saying I Love You to someone special don’t need any special event. The best heartfelt expressions are those that arise at once and arrive in an unexpected way. If you really love someone then don’t keep your thoughts to yourself. You can have a look at our list of Charming Love Quotes For Him that will express your feelings. You can send one of our cards to remind him that you love him because the love continuous forever. Tell him you keep him in your heart. Have a look at our list & make his heart happier and his day brighter. You can grow your bond stronger by expressing your unlimited love for him by using one of our quotes.

  • I am happy to have you. You’re never too far from my thoughts. I find you always in my heart.
  • You proved yourself a perfect husband by always been there for the kids and for me.
  • I don’t want to stay without you. If you live a hundred days, I want to live one day less.
  • Every night when I sit by my window and think of you, a silent whisper, a silent tear, with all my heart you’re here.
  • I was so lost in a strange place and then I was lost in the depths of your blue eyes. Thank you for rescuing me.
  • I want you to feel my words when I say you I am yours. I have never felt this before and I am happy to have you in my life.
  • Whenever I am with you, it feels like a day spent dancing in the rain. Thank you for making me so happy.
  • Of all the men I have ever known, you are the strongest in so many ways and yet you’re so gentle and kind. If this is a dream, I don’t ever want to waken.
  • According to the life experts, perfection does not exist. I think they have never met you.
  • Whenever you message me, it spreads a smile on my face. You have no idea of the amount of happiness you brought to my life.
  • There is too much noise in this world that it has become harder to find the truth about ourselves. But you bring clarity to this muddled life and I am glad for your support.
  • A happy ending is written for us in the end of the future. I am sure of it as I am sure of our love.
  • It feels like I have always known you and yet each day feels fresh and new. As we continue our journey together, I really look forward to the beauty I know the future holds for us.
  • My love, with you I am something and without you I am nothing. But together, we are everything.
  • I miss you when you are away, but I know our bond remains strong no matter how many miles are between us. I hope you know how much I cherish each moment we have together.
  • The words “I Love You” sounds so simple, but the meaning far from trite. I never expected I would finally find someone who I would want to say those words to so often.
  • I look forward to our travels and the exciting things we have planned, but I want you to know that each day I spend with you is so amazing to me, no matter what we do.
  • You completed me in every aspect. I cannot imagine my life without you and I just cannot imagine staying away from you any longer.

Flirty Love Quotes for Him

  • Love Is a verb. Act on it. I’m waiting.
  • You came like a like in my life. You’re everything to me.
  • I want to walk beside you on this journey of life.
  • Sitting here in breathless anticipation of seeing you again tonight, lover.
  • I will walk with you beyond the horizon, to the limit of time itself.
  • Very few know how deeply special you are. I am privileged to share your inner secrets.
  • The sun sparkling on every drop of water is like your smile after sadness ends.
  • Topsy-turvy, that’s how I feel. You turned my life upside down, and I love you madly.
  • I am always here for you, rich or poor, right or wrong, bright and happy or sad and blue.
  • Don’t worry, lover. We’ll sing the blues together until everything is all right again.
  • A moment in the car, driving alone, hear me whispering softly, I love you. Think of me.
  • Conquer the world and come home to me tonight.
  • There is no better life than right here, right now, with you.
  • At the end of every party, I think how lucky I am to be going home with you again.
  • You are the reason for me to wake up each day with a smile and thank God.


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