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10 Creative Ideas for Wishing your Brother a Happy Birthday

Birthday Ideas For Brother


  1. Plan a board game night, focused on the games you used to play as kids. Include other family members and friends, and make sure to have as many games available. To complete the theme, serve the type of food you used to have on family game nights.

  1. Surprise your brother with a video game tournament, using games from your childhood if you can still find them. Otherwise, choose his favorite video game, and plan on an all-night game party with his favorite food, drinks and friends.


  1. Invite your brother’s best buddies for an early morning paintball challenge. Divide the party into as many groups as you wish, and play different challenges in a paint ball maze. Conclude the party with a picnic or heart brunch.


  1. Laser tag is an activity that anyone of any age can get into, so if this is the birthday surprise for your brother, you can play various challenges that will engage young kids, teens, adults and seniors. Indoor and outdoor laser tag facilities make it even more fun for the birthday celebrant.


  1. If your brother is the outdoor and active type, choose a challenging zip line course that you can enjoy together. Turn it into a zip line party by inviting a few more people who enjoy the activity. The rest of the party can wait at the end of the course with a birthday surprise complete with balloons and cake.


  1. Gather up the gang, and volunteer as a team at a soup kitchen, a fundraiser or other event to benefit your brother’s favorite charity.


  1. For a brother who is into extreme adventure, plan on a parasailing adventure together or with some of his friends. Have someone videotape the event for posterity.


  1. The mystery dinner theater makes the traditional birthday dinner more exciting. Check with the restaurant to make sure that the performance is suitable for all of your birthday party guests.


  1. Plan a wardrobe makeover party for a brother who is embarking on a new career or a brother who needs help with upgrading his clothing selection. Consult a professional stylist and have the pro make a list of basic items that would serve as a start to building a better wardrobe. Advise invitees about the theme of the party, and include information about correct clothing sizes.


  1. Bring your brother to a car dealership that sells his dream car. Arrange to have him test drive his dream car. He will appreciate an extended spin if you can arrange that beforehand.


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