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134+ Best Love Quotes For Him With Pictures [2018]

  1. You are the reason for me to wake up each day with a smile and thank God.

Love Quotes For Him Message

  1. Cuddling With You Would be Perfect Right Now’ Love Quotes for Him Pillow Cover

'Cuddling With You Would be Perfect Right Now' Love Quotes for Him Pillow Cover

  1. ‘Always’ and ‘Forever’ Couple Chain Bracelet

'Always' and 'Forever' Couple Chain Bracelet

  1. “My love for you is past the mind, beyond my heart, and into my soul.” by Boris Kodjoe

Love Hurts Quotes For Him

  1. “Being in love with you makes every day an interesting one.”

Love Quotes For Him From Heart

  1. “I am catastrophically in love with you.” in Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare

Love Quotes For Him Tumblr

  1. “If you are not too long, I will wait for you all my life.” by Oscar Wilde

Love Quotes For Him Gay

  1. You are my life and you are the only thing that would hurt to lose. I love you more than ever.

Sad Love Quotes For Him

  1. ‘Always Kiss Me Goodnight, Always Kiss Me Good Morning’ Love Quotes for Him Pillow Cover

'Always Kiss Me Goodnight, Always Kiss Me Good Morning' Love Quotes for Him Pillow Cover

  1. If I could have anyone in the world, it would still be you.

Love Quotes For Him In English

  1. When storm clouds gather and the skies grow dark, I know you will be my shelter and keep me safe from harm.

Love Quotes For Him Not Cheesy

  1. I can’t stop thinking about you: today, tomorrow, always.

Love Quotes For Him Eyes

  1. Make time to make love, Then, after you’ve finished making love, make some coffee while I just lie in bed and quiver.

Love Quotes For Him After Argument

  1. ‘One Smile Can’t Change the World but Your Smile Changes Mine’ Quote White Mug

'One Smile Can't Change the World but Your Smile Changes Mine' Quote White Mug

Love Quotes for Him to Ignite the Relationship


Sometimes, we fail to remember how to take good care of our relationship with our partners, especially if you have been together for years. The spark is gone, some say, or you don’t know anymore if he likes you. But in order for you to ignite your relationship, you have to exert your best efforts. Be there for him, even if it just means sending a small love quote. You should not always wait for your boyfriend or husband do the work — love is a two-way street, thus, you should never forget to do your part. Make him feel special. Shower him with care and affection, send him these love quotes for him — he deserves it, that’s for sure!

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