Birthday Wishes For 8 Years Old

8th Birthday Wishes

Browse through our amazing collection of 8th birthday wishes. Check out our genuine happy birthday messages and cards. Find the perfect way to send a 8-year-old birthday boy or girl an adorable birthday message. Is it this time of the year again huh? The day that is filled with excitement, laughter and most importantly, joy. If you are reading this article then you probably know what day I’m talking about. That’s right, today is the birthday of a magnificent child, that deserves only the best of wishes. Wishes good enough to give it strength as it progresses through elementary school, one of the roughest periods in a child’s lifespan. So, here, we have you birthday wishes so good, that no matter how magnificent that child is, it won’t even understand you found them on the internet! Check out 8th Birthday Wishes Below.


Unique Happy Birthday Wishes For 8 Years Old Boy/Girl

Even though 8 is considered to be the number of balance, you, my dear, are the most unbalanced 8 years old there is. I still love you just the way you are though, and I wish you a happy birthday from the bottom of my heart.


If we were in chemistry, you’d be oxygen, since its atomic number is 8! But even though we are not, and you may not be oxygen, but to my life, you are equally as important. Happy birthday my love!


8 years ago on this exact same day, I became the happiest person on earth, today, you make me doubt if this day is even more exciting than seeing you cry for the first time. Because it is your laughter that makes me happy, it is the happy times that make us feel excited. And today, the day you turn 8, is one of these times. Happy birthday!

Would you look at that, it was like yesterday when I could hold you only with 1 arm, now you are like a little giant! If you keep getting taller you will probably reach the sky! And to be honest, the sky is where beautiful creatures like you belong, so be sure to reach it one day! Happy birthday.


For each of the 8 candles on your cake today, I hope a wish comes true! You deserve the best of the best and I want you to always remember that. Happy birthday!


It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s the super-8year old! Cooler than a superhero! Hotter than the sun! Older than all 7 years old on the planet for at least one day! Ready to conquer the world! Happy birthday!



Light the candles! Get the candy flowing! Bring your presents and let’s get this party started! Because it is the birthday of the best 8-year-old out there!  And to celebrate such a wonderful occasion we have to throw the best party ever! Oh, whoops, I didn’t spoil the surprise did I? Anyway, happy birthday!


Wow! That’s great, you just turned eight! The only thing appropriate now is to celebrate till the night gets late! So happy birthday mate!


If this day was an object it would be a door, leading you to ways you’ve never seen before. Days you now approach one year older, and you should never stop even if the weather gets colder. So scream out loud, sing your heart out, because starting today you are 8 years old! Happy birthday, darling!


Finally, the day has come! Parties, friends, presents, cake, you have it all. But you only have 24 hours at your disposal to combine them into one of the best days you’ve had so far in your life, hopefully, one of many to come. So get up off the couch, stop watching TV! Go out and have a blast, just because your party hasn’t started it doesn’t mean you can’t go out and conquer the world! Happy birthday.


I see a light shining bright, I see the sun, I see the stars. Oh, wait, no, I was wrong! It was just an amazing 8 years old on its birthday! Shining bright enough for everyone to notice how great of a child it is, and it doesn’t take long for someone to understand that this child is destined for greatness, as long as it doesn’t forget so itself, it will accomplish great things. So happy birthday future superhero!


Watching you cry, watching you laugh. Watching you sing, watching you dance. Watching you grow up never bores me out since the flames of your youth never burn out. So carry on, get bigger! Older! Taller! Smarter! Stronger! I will always be right behind you, to remind you every single day how amazing you are, because as a father, I can never be more proud of my child than on the day it succeeded to get through another year by being more awesome than the last one. So happy birthday my love.

Beautiful as an angel, graceful as a dolphin, elegant as a swan, and smarter than Einstein. No, I am not describing the perfect human being, just the perfect child that turned 8 years old today! And you still have so much room to grow! So don’t give up, keep surprising the world, my love. Happy birthday!


If you turn 8 sideways it turns into infinite. Representing my infinite love for you my beloved nephew/niece!  So remember, that whatever you do, wherever you are, your amazing uncle/aunt is there by your side to support you. Happy birthday!


In your remaining days on earth, I sincerely hope that you are filled with love and happiness, and that all your wishes come true, because that is the only thing an amazing 8 year old like you deserves. Happy birthday!


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