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7th Birthday Wishes

Browse through our unique collection of 7th birthday wishes. Check out our sweet happy birthday messages and birthday cards. Find the perfect way to send a 7-year-old birthday boy or girl a warm birthday message. Whoa! 7 years old already? He/she is now a fully-fledged schoolboy/girl. It can probably write the entire alphabet; maybe it can even count to 100! All these things that a few months ago would seem like far away goals, are now easy pickings, and you are probably feeling a bit sad because it has started to become more independent, and doesn’t need your attention anymore, it would rather go play with its friends than hang out with you. But that’s a great thing, it means it has finally started to realize that the world out there is vast, and it is getting ready to conquer it, it is getting ready to explore all the amazing things right outside the boundaries of its house. But it needs to be prepared, it needs to realize how amazing is the world it is about to explore, and it is your job as an adult to prepare it for that. And what best way to prepare a 7-year-old for its journey in the outside world than with an amazing wish for its birthday. Check out 7th Birthday Wishes below.


Special Collection of Birthday Wishes For Girl/Boy

Like the seven colors of the rainbow, you never cease to amaze me with your never ending beauty, my beloved child. I hope one day you fulfill all of your dreams, and like the rainbow, amaze everyone each time you appear. Happy birthday!


I love you, and have loved and cherished you, each and every of the 7 days of the week, for the past 7 years, ever since you were born. You make the time spent in the house way less boring, and you make me feel happy for asking our parents for a sibling. Happy birthday little brother/sister! May you stay this irritating for the rest of your life because that’s what makes you such a fun person to have around!


No matter how many mirrors I could have broken the day you were born. These seven years could not have been any less than extremely lucky for me, and there is nothing anyone could have done to change it, and I will keep considering my years with you lucky, for as long as I live. Happy birthday my darling. I love you from the bottom of my heart.


There is no other explanation! The 7 lucky gods of China must be visiting me, one each year, getting off their ship to come and bring me luck because I feel blessed by the gods to have been your grandparent. You are the best 7-year-old around! Happy birthday my love.




I love you for each of the seven continents in the world. In other words, I love you to the end of the world and back. Happy birthday little guy/girl. I hope you grow up to become the person of your dreams. Never stop being amazing, because that is what makes you special.


The number seven is the first prime number. That means it is the first number that cannot be divided or multiplied within the group, and that makes it unique. And you, my love, are a unique 7-year-old. My wish to you is to keep being great, and keep being unique, and make all of your dreams come true.  Happy birthday from your beloved uncle.


Even though the number seven is considered lucky, we are considered even luckier to have you waking us up every day with your charming voice, your amazing grace, and your ear-piercing cry for candy. But we love you endlessly just the way you are, and we hope you never change. Happy birthday my prince/princess.


Now that you are seven years old. I allow you to eat 7 times more cake than last year and have 7 times more presents because you deserve it. Happy birthday, kiddo!


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