The Christmas Holiday Survival Guide for Singles

Survival Guide For Singles

It’s Finally Christmas! It’s the tie when all the couples are having an awesome romantic experience and do everything whatever they want to let everyone else around them know. Bur, my friend, you are single. That means that you are in for a challenge. Not only you have to go through alone, you also have to cope with all the couples around you that will repeatedly remind you by both their actions and words that will realize you that you are single. But, don’t worry, because even you got out of a relationship recently, which if that’s the case, I’m sorry that you had to break up right before the holidays, or if you are a kind of person that your friends will buy you a “Forever Single” sweater for Christmas, you can survive the holidays with relative ease, if you choose to follow the advice I’m about to give you! Check out The Christmas Holiday Survival Guide for Singles below.

Be a Christmas Bee:

  • Have you ever heard the phrase “Busy as a bee”? That’s exactly what you should be! There is no need to be alone by yourself all day thinking that you are alone while all the couples are having fun. Find exciting and interesting things that you can do by yourself! You can finally go and visit all these places you could not during the year, work on yourself, maybe even do some work, if you are the kind of people that actually enjoy it!


Spend Time with your Friends


  • Being social is a great way to combat the loneliness during Christmas. I know that many of your friends will be spending time with their significant others, and bringing up the loner squad is kind of depressing, but if you find a fine mix between everything, and never spend time alone, you are guaranteed to have a good time, without bothering about you being single and stuff. You can even choose to spend the time with your family if you believe it will actually be fun!


Being Single doesn’t Mean Staying Single


  • You probably aren’t the only person that is single at Christmas. There are plenty of other people going through the same struggle you are, eager to change their situation. Thus, if you try enough, you can land a pretty sweet date on the most romantic time of the year! Just because you are ending the year single, doesn’t mean the new one has to start this way!


Keep the True Meaning of Christmas Alive


  • The true meaning of this holiday is spending time with the ones you love most and being true to yourself, it can be whoever you want, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be in a relationship to enjoy Christmas. Try visiting all the people you haven’t seen in a while and feel bad about it. Or try to write a Christmas card for everyone you care about. As soon as you understand that Christmas is not only for the people in love, spending Christmas single will be a lot easier than you think.


Discover Yourself

  • Since you don’t have anyone else to discover things about, try to discover yourself. Do things you have never done before, try to deepen the understanding of who you truly are, and what is this world around you. You know what they say, loving yourself is the first step to loving others. What you should also try, is treat yourself to something nice. Doesn’t have to be something too expensive, but for once, do something that you know it’s for you and you alone.


Just Because you are Lonely, doesn’t Mean Everyone Else has to Be


  • This Christmas, try to make the holiday special to someone. It can be someone you know by doing something really nice that you know they’ll like. Maybe try treating a friend or family member to dinner, or inviting him somewhere that you know he will have a great time. Or buy something for him that you know he desperately wants but can’t afford. Alternatively, it can even be someone you’ve never met before. Try to help someone in need, it’s cold outside, they are probably feeling way lonelier than you. The spirit of Christmas is all about giving to others. By giving to people in need, not only you keep the Christmas spirit alive, but you will have gained a sense of satisfaction that no relationship could have ever brought to you.


This Year, Do Things Differently


  • Instead of doing the same old things you’ve been doing every year, try to mix things up. Maybe create your own little special tradition that you will start keeping from now on. Or don’t go to the same place you’ve been going for holiday all these years. Change your habits to change yourself.


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Don’t Overspend


  • There is no real reason for you to go out of your way and spend every single one of your hard earns cash. This holiday, try to go on a budget and alongside loneliness, combat the capitalistic urges that come alongside the occasion. I’m not saying that you should buy socks for everyone, but maybe tone it down with the flashy gifts. You are not trying to impress anyone. Instead, you should try to spend money on gifts that come from your heart, and are well thought out. You could try giving a personalized Christmas card to everyone as well, just to make things even better! Also, the money you spend on yourself should be things that will really make you feel better, and it will not be just until you find something else new and flashy to make you temporarily feel better.


Single on Christmas Funny Quotes

  • Dear Santa for Christmas a nice single guy, funny, smart, gorgeous, would be really nice! Wrapping is optional!

  • Being single on Christmas is very lonely, but at least you save a lot of money!
  • On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me… Nothing because I’m single!
  • Me: For Christmas I want a unicorn. Santa: Please be realistic! Me: OK I want a boyfriend. Santa: What color do you want the unicorn?



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