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Good Morning Cards

Starting the day off right is always easy when you send your friends a positive message on social media. Whether you see them every day or they are someone who lives far away, you can draw your connection closer by letting them know that they are in your thoughts. Cheerful quotes, kind words and motivational messages and cards are all great ways to make sure that your friends have a positive note on which they can build their day. While it once took forever to send an uplifting good morning card or message through snail mail, your sweet sentiments can spread faster than ever through your favorite forms of social media. From a quick Tweet to a longer message on Facebook, you can use the power of social media to transform lives. As you plan to enrich the lives of your loved ones, use these cards and messages as inspiration to send each and every person you know a good morning message that is guaranteed to make them smile. Check out Good Morning Cards below.


Best Good Morning Cards & Messages

Give Your Social Media Friends’ Spirits a Boost with These Good Morning Messages


As you open your eyes to the new day that is waiting, welcome the morning with a smile and the knowledge that you will do something amazing today.


I know that sleeping is amazing, but all good things must come to an end. So don’t feel sad about ending your sleeping session, feel excited about all the things you get to do while not sleeping!


Now that yesterday is gone and today is here, there are achievements to be made and nothing to fear.


Give your pillow one last hug, and get ready to embrace the beauty of the new day that is awaiting your presence.Your smile can break through the hardest of stone, and you have the strength to change the world for the better. Go out, and make today your own.

Today, live life as though there will be no tomorrow. Let go of your worries, anxieties and fears because there is no time for negativity when you are living in the present.


Every day is a gift just waiting to be opened. That is why it is known as the present. Have a great day unwrapping each moment.


 I know your bed is amazing, I know sleeping is great, but what’s better is the success! And you can only achieve it if you get up! Good morning!

That’s not just your alarm clock. It is precious opportunity ticking away. Get up, and seize the day!


As you emerge from your sweet slumber, it is my hope that all of your best dreams come true on this day.


May your smile be the colors that fill a picture perfect day. Remember that you have the power to create your destiny.


This morning, I thought of you and smiled. Your texts, messages and posts provide me with insight and inspiration. I can’t think of a better way to start by day than wishing you the best.


May you arise from bed with confidence and inspiration. May you lie down tonight with satisfaction with what you have accomplished. It is your choice how you fill the rest of your day.

Make the first thing you do this morning is giving yourself a smile in the mirror. Remember that it is contagious so spread your good mood throughout the world.


Do you smell the scent of coffee wafting throughout your home? That’s your wake up call that the world is in need of your energetic personality. Go spread your joy!


The most beautiful sunrise could never compare to your smile. Share it with someone special today.


Whatever happened yesterday is gone. Today represents an opportunity to move on. Let go, release any negativity and embrace the chance to change.

Good Morning Cards

The best things in life never happen on their own. You have everything you need to reach your full potential starting now.

Remember those goals you set yesterday? They are not going to happen in bed. Rise and shine, sleepyhead. There’s progress to be made.


Do you know how I know it’s a beautiful day? It’s because I know you will be a part of it. I look forward to spending more time hearing about what makes your world sing.

A virtual cup of coffee is heading your way to make sure you have a great start to your day.


Sending you a good morning hug from not that far away. Just wanted you to know that you are my inspiration for the day.





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