Inspirational Birthday Wishes and Sayings

Inspirational Birthday Wishes

Birthdays are a wonderful way to celebrate one more year of life. Each person enjoys the special attention of family and friends on his special day. It is important to remember those family members and friends on their birthdays as well. The celebration of another year to enjoy their company is the ideal time to show them what they mean to you. Rather than just writing happy birthday in your cards and gift tags use an inspirational quote or saying. Browse our wonderful collection of inspirational birthday wishes and send them an unforgettable message.


Top Inspirational Birthday Wishes & Messages

You make each day special just by being yourself. May your day be as special as you are.


Happy birthday to the most generous and fun-loving person I know! I hope your day is full of good things and sweetness just like those you have brought to me.


You are such a gentle and kind mentor to me. I am happy to celebrate another year enjoying your love and kindness.


You touch so many lives with joy. May your deepest wishes and dreams come true on your special day. Happy birthday and the best of my love to you!

Birthday wishes to a faithful friend. I always know that you will stand by me no matter what happens to us.


Your shining example spurs me to greater heights. I am wishing a wonderful birthday to the one who goes before me and blazes a trail to success.


Our lives are full of change, but our friendship has never changed. Thanks for enduring with me through the seasons. I am wishing you the best birthday ever!


Happy birthday to a wonderful daughter! You have been such a joy to me, and I am so happy to be your parent.

You are a wonderful reminder of all that makes life enjoyable. Happy birthday to the brightest light in all our lives!


Your joy and zest for life are contagious and inspire me to be a better person. May your birthday be as joyful as ever!


I am a very blessed parent to have a son like you. You have accomplished amazing things, and I stand in awe of all your talents.


On your birthday, I want to encourage you to make this year your best ever. Nothing can stop you from achieving your dreams!


Happy birthday to a mother who has sacrificed much to make a wonderful life for her family. Your commitment and devotion to us have not gone unnoticed. We hope to give back a little of the love you have shown us today.

Talking about special days, isn’t it yours today? Well, it couldn’t happen to a greater person so Happy Birthday and have a great day!


I am so happy to celebrate another year with a very special person. You bring light to all the dark places of my world. I have a brighter outlook because of your presence in my life.


I wish you a very happy birthday as you reach another milestone. You are a unique individual, and I have great hope for your future. May you reach your fullest potential in the year to come.


Happy birthday to a wonderful father! You deserve my greatest love and respect for the stability you have brought to my life.

As you celebrate your birthday, know that you have touched so many lives with inspiration. May you be inspired today as well.


My hope for you in the year to come is much happiness and success. You are deserving of the best there is.


I appreciate your loyalty and friendship over the years. May your birthday be a wonderful one!


I hope you have an incredible day full of joy and happiness. You are one of the dearest people in my life, and I want you to have the best birthday ever.

Inspirational Birthday Wishes & Cards





Happy birthday to my dear friend! We have been on many adventures together, and I know this is the start of a great year to come.


You are inspiration to me and all those around you. This day is a celebration because it marks the moment you entered our lives.


Many people dislike birthdays as they get older. I know that it is not the case with you because you only get more charming with age.


Happy birthday to the brightest light in all our lives


Life is full of surprises. I was in for the best surprise of a lifetime when I met you. Happy birthday to my favorite person in the world!


Some people will go their entire lives without knowing you. I feel sorry for them because you have a wicked sense of humor. Happy birthday my funny friend!


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