So, your little boy is starting to grow up. Whether you are planning his 1st birthday or he is finally going to be a teen, you want this day to be special. With endless ideas for kids birthday party themes it can be hard to decide where to start when planning his big day. From finding the perfect boy birthday invitations, to cutting the cake, there is a lot of work to do when planning his party. Find the most popular birthday party themes for boys and inspiration for every detail of the party.

Adorable Baby Boy Birthday Party Themes

When planning a baby boy’s birthday party, it can be hard to know exactly the kind of party he wants to have. If he is old enough, try to get his input on the theme and guest list. If not, do your best at choosing a theme that you know he will love.


Animals Boys Birthday Party

What do kids love more than furry and Jurassic friends? For someone younger, choose an animal like a monkey or lion. Think of cute pastel colors include the animals on your invitation. For someone older, a dinosaur birthday party is sure to make a big statement and have guests roaring for more. Decorate your house with leafy plant decorations and volcano cutouts. Whatever his favorite animal may be, cater the party towards that.


Blocks Birthday Party Theme

If your little guy likes to play with ABC blocks, then this is the perfect party theme for him. Depending on what he likes, think of either bright or pastel colors for the color scheme. Typically, blocks are red, yellow, green or blue. Decorate the party space with blocks in different colors. You can place them on multiple tables for the little ones to play with. You can use ABC blocks to spell out “Happy Birthday” and the birthday boy’s name.


Baby Blue

The first color to most people’s minds when they think of a baby boy is the color blue. From table decorations, to dessert displays, make sure everything is light blue. If you want to show off where the party is at, hang light blue balloons outside of your home. For centerpieces, place white daisies in mason jars with a light blue ribbon around them. If you want to take it even one step further, you can even dress the birthday boy in blue to match the theme.


Pirates Birthday Party Ideas

If your little boy is an adventurous one, consider throwing him a pirate themed party. Decorate your backyard with pirate flags and treasure chests. If there are any older kids attending the party, consider having a treasure hunt or help them make messages in a bottle. You can also provide eye patches for all of the guests as a fun party favor. For some tasty treats, have a dessert table out with pirate themed cupcakes or cake pops.


Tween Boy Birthday Party Themes

As a tween, the birthday boy will want to have a party that all of the guests will remember. Help him choose a kids birthday party theme that will not only be memorable, but that he will love every detail of.


Superhero Themed Birthday Party Ideas

Up, up, and away! Every superhero needs a superhero catch phrase and it’s safe to say that your little guy knows them all. It’s easy to set the stage for a superhero party by getting a cutout city skyline and hanging up cartoon word bubbles. Give all of the kids capes or masks wear during the party, and play games like a superhero obstacle course.


Cowboy Themed Birthday Party

Nothing says, “I’m another year older,” like a boys’ cowboy birthday theme. Turn your home into the wild west with the perfect cowboy birthday party decorations. Hang “wanted” signs of the birthday boy and place cowboy hats on all of the tables. For activities, consider a potato sack race or lasso practice. Make sure to represent the theme in your invitations by saying “your company is wanted” or “yee haw”.


Trucks And Cars Themed Birthday Ideas

Trucks and cars seem to grab the attention of boys of all ages. Get them excited for the fun with a traffic sign birthday card that sets the tone for the big day. For fun birthday party decorations, have a cloth road table runner on all of the tables. Show off cupcakes in the back of a toy dump truck or stick little traffic sign toothpicks in the dessert. If your child specifically likes fire trucks, alter the decorations and games for a fire trucks themed party. Personalize it to fit his favorite truck or car and make this birthday one to remember.


Space Birthday Party Themes

This party theme is definitely out of this world. Decorate your home with stars and rocket cutouts on the walls. You can also play a space-themed movie for guests during the party as an activity. Make star shaped cookies for guests to decorate, and consider having a rocket ship birthday cake for dessert.


Teenage Boy Birthday Party Ideas

As a teenager, throwing a birthday party can be difficult. You want to make sure that everyone you invite is having a good time, but you also want to pick a theme that you love. Help your child find the perfect solution and make their birthday party dreams come true.


Boys Pool Party Ideas

If your son has a summer birthday, this pool party theme is sure to cool everyone off. Think blue colors, snorkels for fun party favors, and a water slide birthday cake. You can have a cannonball contest in the pool and award prizes to whoever makes the biggest splash. Have everyone come in their poolside gear and give out colorful sunglasses for people to have during and after the party.


Boys Bowling Birthday Party Theme

Strike up some fun with this birthday party theme. Take the guest of honor to the local bowling alley or bring the bowling alley right to your home. Try and find an old bowling pin at a thrift store for table centerpieces. When guests arrive, have them sign a bowling pin and give it to the birthday boy as a gift. You can also display decorated cupcakes in the shape of a bowling pin on a table. If you decide to bring the bowling alley to your home, set up a miniature bowling alley in your backyard. Paint water bottles and weigh them down with sand. To knock the “pins” over, have guests use a rubber ball. Make sure to have prizes for the winners of each round.

Boys Sports Birthday Party Theme

A sports birthday party theme is sure to be a catch. Whether the birthday boy love baseball, basketball, soccer, or any other sport, find decorations to fit it all. You can hang cutouts of the sports balls on the walls and have guests show up in jerseys. Have a friendly basketball game going, or even a game of tug-a-war. Show off your party snacks with a party concession stand stocked with everyone’s favorite ballpark snacks. Make sure to send guests away with a party favor, such as Big League Chew bubble gum or sports bouncy balls.


Racing Cars Birthday Party Theme

Whether you are 13 or 16, every boy seems to love race cars. Decorate the house with checkered tablecloths and cardboard stoplights. Make some “oil change pudding cups”, clear cups with chocolate pudding, for everyone to snack on. You can also make Rice Krispy treats with red, yellow, and green candies. As an activity, show a famous racing movie for all of the guests to enjoy.


Boy Birthday Invitation Ideas

Get everyone excited for the party with the right invitations. If you are planning a party with a theme, tie everything together with themed invitations. When writing the party invitations, make sure that you include all of the important information, such as the time, date, and venue. If there are any special instructions, like you are going to a bowling alley, include that on the invites.


Boys Birthday Party Favors

It’s important to remember that you should not send guests away empty-handed from a birthday party. For younger kids parties, consider giving out goodie bags to all of the guests. If you don’t want to align them with the theme, you can give out bags of sweet treats like m&ms or miniature cookies. For older kids parties you can give out simple party favors like sunglasses or a deck of cards.


Birthday parties for boys are sure to be tons of fun. Make sure that you include all of the party information in the invitations and have activities for the guests when they arrive. Entertaining kids can be tiring, so you should plan all of this out in advance. Remember to include the birthday boy in the party planning so that you can create the birthday party of his dreams.

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