When you’re celebrating a special event, you want to kick off the day on the right foot. One of the best ways to show someone how much they’re loved and appreciated is with breakfast in bed. From Mother’s Day to breakfast gift baskets, we’ve collected all of our favorite breakfast in bed ideas here. Check them out below for inspiration in your own breakfast menu.

Mother’s Day Breakfast In Bed Ideas

Treat your Mom to a breakfast as special as she deserves. With these simple and delicious Mother’s day breakfast in bead ideas, you can do no wrong. Just make sure not to leave her with any dirty dishes, or wake her up too early!

Things Kids Can Make For Breakfast

Simple Breakfast Art: This breakfast is perfect for households with younger kids. Supply the little ones with pancakes, cookie cutters, different fruit, egg omelette, and unbreakable plates. Then let them express their creative freedom and make art (like flowers, happy faces, and more) with the food for their Mom, which may call for some holiday placemats to keep it all contained. You may want to also supply a clean plate of food for Mom to eat later if the project gets too messy.

Breakfast Skewers: This is easy to make with little clean up. Supply skewer sticks, fruit, and mini pancakes. Let the kids stack the skewers with the breakfast items in any way they want.

Spell It Out: Help your kids spell out “Mom” with her favorite breakfast foods. All you need is a bagel with her favorite fillings and bacon. Break apart the bacon to spell the two “M’s” and use the bagel for the “O.” Present with a glass of orange juice on her breakfast tray to start off her Mother’s day right.

Healthy Mother’s Day Breakfast

Smoothies: If Mom loves fruit and fears a possible breakfast prep mess, opt for a smoothie. Just add her favorite fruits, a complementary base, and any add-ins. This makes Mother’s Day breakfast simple and fun.

Eggs and Tomato Frittata: This healthy breakfast is beloved by Moms everywhere. You can even make it the night before and reheat in the morning to save time.

Avocado Toast: Simple, healthy, and delicious: avocado toast is a treat welcome on any Mother’s Day. Just make sure the chosen avocados are fresh and ripe. And don’t forget to add seasoning to taste.

Valentine’s Day Breakfast

Valentine’s day is a perfect opportunity for breakfast in bed. This staycation allows for extra time spent with your loved one, sharing breakfast in the comfort of your own bed. For a Valentine’s breakfast menu, you can never go wrong with including your significant other’s favorite foods. However, if you want to show a little extra creativity, check out our heart-shape inspired options below.

Heart Shaped Breakfast Food

Egg in a Hole: Toast your favorite bread and then use a heart-shaped cookie-cutter to cut out a heart shape from the bread. Then butter and heat a pan, place the bread on the pan, and fill the open space with an egg yolk. Once the egg is cooked to your liking, remove from the heat for a beautiful love-shaped presentation.

Red Velvet French Toast: This breakfast is as romantic as it is delicious. Utilizing red dye, potato bread, and some sweetening ingredients, you’ll want to give yourself a little extra prep time for this Valentine’s project.


Fruit Salad: It’s simple and sweet and will give you plenty of energy to pull of the remainder of your Valentine’s Day plans. Strawberries and watermelon make exceptionally perfect Valentine’s themed additions.


Birthday Breakfast In Bed Ideas

A birthday is a perfect opportunity to pamper a loved one with a breakfast in bed. This occasion leaves opportunity for plenty of different breakfast options, so we’ve compiled our favorites for you below:


Donut Box: Does the birthday person have a serious sweet tooth or a favorite bakery? Then treat them to a variety donut box with all their favorites for a fun, sugary kick off to their special day.

Ham and Cheese Croissant with Honey Mustard: This breakfast sandwich makes for a classic yet delicious breakfast. Just make sure to present it with a tray to catch the croissant crumbs and a glass of coffee or orange juice to wash it down.

Breakfast Pizza: A breakfast pizza is unique and as tailor-fit to the birthday person as you need. These pizzas include a variety of topping options from tomatoes, eggs, cheese, hash browns, sausage, vegetables, ham, and more. Don’t be afraid to get creative in the kitchen for this breakfast in bed option.


Romantic Breakfast/Cute Breakfast Ideas For SO’s

Whether for a special occasion or a cosy Sunday, it’s always a good idea to treat your significant other to an occasional breakfast in bed.These romantic and cute breakfast ideas are perfect inspiration, no matter the reason.


Breakfast In Bed Ideas For Girlfriend (Or Wife)

Fruit Parfait: Fruit parfaits are easy to build, presentable, and delicious. Just make sure to pick out your girlfriend or wife’s favorite granola, fruit, and yogurts ahead of time so you’re not scrambling on the day of.

Mimosa Flight: Mimosa flights are a fun way to kick off your morning on the weekend. All you need are a variety of juices such as grapefruit, orange, raspberry, and pomegranate. Then, just add them to a a flight of champagne glasses to taste.

Raspberry Scone: These can be made the night before to save time in the morning. They’re lighter than normal scones and a sweet treat any girlfriend is sure to love.


Breakfast In Bed Ideas For Boyfriend (Or Husband)

Brioche French Toast: Brioche French toast makes for a rich and filling breakfast treat any boyfriend or husband will appreciate. Just make sure to include syrup, berries, powdered sugar, and a drink to wash it all down if you really want to impress.

Pumpkin-Ginger Waffles: Pumpkin-ginger waffles are a perfect seasonal treat in the colder months that give off a warmth of their own. For that reason, they make a perfect breakfast in bed dish.

Full English Breakfast: If your boyfriend loves meat and eggs for breakfast, consider making him a full English style breakfast in bed. Complete with eggs, bacon, ham, hash browns, sausage, toast, coffee, and orange juice, there will be be plenty of food on the plate to share.


Breakfast In Bed Gift Basket Ideas

If you want breakfast in bed made simple, consider getting a gift basket. These make breakfast set up quick and easy, and usually come looking beautifully prepared. Our favorite breakfast in bed gift baskets can be found below:

Fruit Bouquet: Arranging fruit so that it sticks out of a vase or basket like a flower bouquet is a sight for the eyes as well as the stomach. These can be both purchased online or hand made.

Build Your Own Granola: Build your own granola kits can be tons of fun as well as tasty. These would include the basic oats and fillings, dried fruit, nuts, and syrups or sweetener.

Coffee, Tea and Biscuits Basket: Coffee, tea, and biscuits make for perfect gift basket stuffings because they don’t perish quickly. If the recipient is a fan of small breakfasts or caffeine, this might make the perfect breakfast in bed idea.

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