Planning a birthday party for your little girl is such a fun experience. From the flowers to the perfectly frosted cake, you want everything to go smoothly. However, before you can do all of the decoration planning, you need to pick a theme. Whether it’s the birthday girl’s first birthday, or her 16th birthday, find cute birthday party themes for girls of all ages.

Birthday Party Themes For Baby Girl

For the most part, 1st birthday parties involve more parents than children. Because the child is so young, it is mostly family friends and relatives that are invited to the party. Since this is the case, the party should be inspired by something that a one-year-old would love, but that is also tailored for adults.


Pretty In Pink

Think pink! From invitations to the birthday cake, and everything in between, go all out with this pink birthday party theme . You can have pink flowers in vases on all of the tables, as well as pink tablecloths with pink confetti. Tie pink balloons to your mailbox or outside of your house so everyone knows where the party is.


Alice In Wonderland

This classic story and beloved Disney character is the perfect inspiration for a little one’s birthday party. All of the tables can be set with lace, and centerpieces can be light pink and red roses. If guests enjoy tea, have a larger table filled with tea party supplies for guests to help themselves. You can adorn the house with the famous characters, and place “Eat me” and “Drink me” labels on the food and drink.


Pink And Gold

What color accents pink best besides gold? Incorporate these two colors in almost every decoration that you have. You can have light pink balloons filled with gold confetti, and light pink roses on all of the tables. Consider sending out pink and gold invitations, and dress the birthday girl in a pink or gold outfit.



Butterflies are dainty and sweet, just like your little girl. Have fake butterflies glued on to a clear string and hang them along the walls. You can also glue them on to vases, and place them on the cake or cupcakes so that they are incorporated into the dessert. You can even take the theme a step further, and give your little girls small butterfly wings to wear during the party.


Tween Girl Birthday Party Themes

Finding the right party theme for someone in their pre-teens can be tricky. Make sure that when you are planning, you include them in all of your ideas. Go over the guest list with them, and have them choose the theme. Their input is everything, and these following themes are sure to not disappoint.



Show the birthday girl that she is super, with this superhero themed birthday party. Get capes and masks for all of the guests to wear around the house during the party. Play the birthday girl’s favorite superhero movie, and provide popcorn for everyone. For dessert, you can have cupcakes with frosting that spells out “POW” or “WHAM” like in an old comic.


Slumber Party

Having a slumber party is an exciting event for younger girls. Have everyone come in pajamas and deck out the house with a variety of treats. You can serve healthy snacks, as well as have a sundae bar for everyone. Provide popcorn for movies and a small speaker so that they can have a late-night dance party. If girls are spending the night, make sure you have an idea of what you want to make for breakfast in the morning. You can make pancakes and have them add in what they like, such as bananas or chocolate.


Cupcake Wars

If your child loves baking and wants to have it be part of her party, then having a cupcake war is the perfect idea. Pick three parents to be judges, and have the rest of the guests decorate a cupcake of their choice. Make the cupcakes beforehand, and then fill bowls with various kinds of frostings and sprinkles. Give out prizes for first, second, and third place. This party tackles an activity and dessert all in one, but you can still choose to serve more dessert if the birthday girl has a sweet tooth.



Try having a camping party that’s inside of your house! You can have different signs around the house that say “to the lake” or “canoe rentals” to set the theme. You can also have a variety of food like “worms in dirt”, also known as chocolate pudding, Oreo cookies, and gummy worms. Call the camp the name of the birthday girl, such as “Camp Caitlyn” and hang up a sign for people to see when they walk in. Consider having s’mores outside instead of a classic cake for dessert.


Candy Shop

If the birthday girl is the ultimate sweet tooth, this candy shop theme is the perfect idea for her. Fill large glass containers with her favorite candy. Make sure to have some that are chocolate and others that are sour candies for some variety. You can have large fake lollipops around the house along with balloons. For an activity, everyone can make candy jewelry to wear around the party.


Birthday Party Themes For Teenage Girl

Having a birthday party as a teenager can be fun, because you have a little bit more freedom in what you want to do. Again, if you are helping the birthday girl plan the party make sure you communicate with her. Have her share her ideas for an ideal theme and work with that. If she doesn’t want to have something super “girly” don’t force it. It’s hard to see little girls grow up, and her teen years are for exploring her interests and expressing herself.


Spa Party

Pamper the birthday girl with a spa themed party that will make her feel like an adult. Provide cucumbers in little jars as well as a variety of different facemasks. You can get nail polish remover, and an array of nail polish colors for guests to do their nails. For another fun activity, you can find a recipe online for everyone to make homemade lip balm or bath bombs to take home.


Cooking Party

Does the birthday girl love watching cooking shows? Make her dreams come true with a cooking party. You can have her choose one thing that she wants to cook. Perhaps it is flatbread pizza, or homemade ravioli. Get all of the supplies for it, and assign a task to each guest. You can even get everyone chef hats or aprons for when they are cooking and let them take them home after the party.


Donut Party

You “donut” want to pass up this birthday party theme. Decorate the house in pastel colors with donut cutouts hung up. You can have inflatable donut floaties in the backyard for pictures and decoration. You can also display donuts on a cake stand, or cute boxes on the tables. If you want to add donuts to more of the snacks, you can make fruit skewers and add in a few donut holes.


Boho Chic

Having a bohemian birthday party seems like a huge trend for girls recently. This is more of a rustic theme, and you can utilize your backyard for this party. Decorate the tables with a lot of flowers and greenery as centerpieces. You can hang flowers on the walls and have girls make daisy-chain headbands as an activity.


Art Studio

If the birthday girl has a creative side, throw her an art-inspired party. Have a table set up with paints, brushes, and canvases. You can have painting as an activity, and create either monochrome or rainbow colored cupcakes for dessert. If you want to personalize it a little more, have a sign or banner that says the name of your child, such as “Karen’s Art Party”, for everyone to see.

Girl Birthday Party Places

If your are looking to throw a party for the birthday girl, but don’t necessarily want to have it at the house, suggest a different venue. Depending on her interests, find the place that is right for her and her friends. She can choose to be more active, or do something creative. No matter what she chooses, there are always lots of different options.


Jumpy House

Who doesn’t love bouncy houses? There are many places that have a variety of jumpy houses for birthday parties. Find one near you and then call to make a reservation. Most of the time these places are used specifically for birthday parties, so they have a place to eat food and cut the cake.


Skating Rink

This venue is a good idea for girls turning a little older. Find the nearest ice skating or roller skating rink towards you. Make sure that you include which kind of rink you are going to on the invitation so people show up prepared. Also, make sure that you have another option for those that don’t want to participate in the skating. Perhaps they come after everyone has skated and join for food and dessert.


Ceramic Painting Studio

If the birthday girl is creative and loves art, consider taking her to a place that has painting ceramic for kids. There are a lot of places that have already fired ceramic that you paint and then fire again. Many of these studios are used to birthday parties, so they know how to handle food and dessert as well. This is a fun and interactive option for kids of all ages.

Girl Birthday Party Invitation Inspiration

Get creative and fun with the birthday party invitations! Personalizing cards with glitter and foil is the perfect addition to a girl’s birthday party. Have the birthday girl help you choose the invitation, make sure that you include all of the information on the invite, and  send them out at least a month in advance so everyone can clear their schedules.


Party Favors For Girl Birthday

Make sure that you aren’t sending guests away empty-handed. Providing either party favors or goodie bags for a birthday party is proper etiquette. You can have a small bag filled with white and pink personalized m&ms. You can also give out little bottles of nail polish and nail files to girls as a favor.


No matter how old your the birthday girl’s turning, remember to try and throw a party that she wants to have. A lot goes into planning a birthday party, so try and start the process early. Ask for the birthday girl’s input through each step of planning. After the party is over, remind her to write thank you messages for all of the birthday wishes given to her.

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