10 Ideas to Wish Happy Birthday to a Friend

Best Friends Birthday Ideas


For a milestone birthday, including 20, 30, 40 and so forth, create a memory book consisting of personal photos, memorabilia items and historical artifacts relevant to the celebrant’s life. Using a scrapbook album, organize the materials to tell a story about the person’s life.


Schedule a surprise birthday picnic to be held at the celebrant’s favorite park, playground or someone’s backyard. The event can be a picnic for two or a two dozen.


Arrange to have a music-gram delivered on the day itself. You do not need a professional service. Ask someone who can perform in public, and have them bring balloons, flowers and a song to your friend.


Start the special day right. Deliver coffee and doughnuts as a birthday special. Sit down and have a quiet breakfast with your friend. This idea can be expanded to include a few more people for a small and intimate breakfast.


If you are roommates, plan on preparing a breakfast-in-bed special. Choose your friend’s favorite breakfast food, and deliver on an elegantly decorated tray with flowers and balloons. You can also decorate the tray based on a theme that your friend likes.


Dress up a pup to be a birthday delivery dog. Use your friend’s pet when possible. Put the pup in a costume, tie a balloon to its leash and coax the dog to bring your birthday card to the celebrant.


Deliver the birthday presents yourself, but dress up in an elaborate, masked costume. Using the costume as the theme, prepare a speech that you will deliver along with the birthday presents.


A few days before the actual birthday, start sending mysterious messages hinting at a big surprise in the coming days. These messages can be as simple as “Something is happening on ___,” and expand it every day to build up to a climactic point on the day itself.


Get a large cardboard box, and wrap it as you would an oversize present with a giant bow. Make sure that the top is loose and the box has air holes. Bring the box to your friend’s doorstep and get in it. Arrange to have someone ring the doorbell while you hide in the box. The bell ringer should hide quickly

after ringing the bell. Make sure to choose the right time to jump out of the box to sing the birthday song.


Send silly messages and birthday-related jokes to your friend every hour on the day itself.


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