5 Simple Tips To Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Celebrate Valentine’s Day

The Origins of Valentine’s Day

Celebrate Valentine’s Day
Valentine’s Day began as a church celebration in honor of Valentinus, a Roman priest who lived in the 3rd century. The reigning emperor forbid soldiers to marry. He believed single men made better soldiers. However, the Catholic Church didn’t approve of men and women living together. So Valentine married soldiers secretly. He also ministered to Christians, who were being persecuted under Roman rule. The emperor was enraged and put Valentine in prison. While in captivity, he healed the blind daughter of his jailer. Just before he was executed, he wrote her a letter, which he signed “Your Valentine.” The day of his execution was February 14. Around the year 500 AD, the pope of the time declared February 14th as Valentine’s Day. It wasn’t until the 14th century that it was celebrated as a holiday. It evolved into a day of professing one’s love through flowers, cards, and candy. The first valentines, hand-made cards, were penned in the 16th century.

Valentine’s Day Today

Celebrate Valentine’s Day
Valentine’s Day is celebrated on 14th February each year and is one of the most special days for lovers. It’s the day where you spread more love and send gifts, flowers, chocolates, and everything in between to your loved ones. If you’re going to celebrate this day with your girlfriend, you want it to be extra special and memorable. Here are some ideas on how to make your girlfriend the happiest on the 14th of February:

Spend your special day out of town

Celebrate Valentine’s Day

One of the best ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your girlfriend is by going out of town together. Ask your girlfriend a week prior to that day, so she’ll be able to fix her schedule ahead of time. Pick a beautiful place that both of you have never been before. You can take her out to a romantic attraction where you can do and enjoy a lot of things. You may also go to a private beach resort where you can spend more quality time together and talk about your relationship and your plans in the future as a couple

Prepare a romantic candle lit dinner for her

Celebrate Valentine’s Day
One of the sweetest ways that a guy can do for her girlfriend on Valentine’s Day is by preparing a candle-lit dinner. You can cook both of your favorite foods and buy a good wine. You can prepare this at your own place if you want more privacy. Do not also forget to clean up your place and put some classy decors. You may also want to play your theme song or any of your favorite music while you’re enjoying your food to make your night more romantic and unforgettable.

Give her flowers and chocolates

Celebrate Valentine’s Day
This may sound no-brainer, but giving your girlfriend a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates is a great way that you can do to make her feel that she’s loved and treasured. Pick her favorite flower and chocolates. It may seem an old-school way of celebrating Valentine’s Day but most women really expect these things from their boyfriends. As much as possible, include a card with your personal message in it as she’ll definitely appreciate it. If you want to have her alone with you, then you can ask her out to watch a movie with you at the cinema or at your own place.
If you are searching for Valentine love messages then your search ends here. Whether you have been married for years or it is your first Valentine’s Day with your special someone, writing a Valentine’s Day message can be challenging. One thing is always certain: being in love is the most wonderful and amazing feeling on this earth. Love is the ultimate illustration of all the best things in humanity. Just read the best collection of Valentine greetings and quotes and let us aspire you to make your Valentine’s Day a dream come true experience. There are still a lot of ways that you can do to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your girlfriend. Whether you want a simple candle lit dinner or an expensive weekend getaway, what matters most is your love for one another. Spend your special day together, express your love and remind the most special person in your life that she is loved and valued.

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